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7 OCTOBER                              14 OCTOBER
2 SEPTEMBER          9 SEPTEMBER                    16 SEPTEMBER                    23 SEPTEMBER                    30 SEPTEMBER
09H00: SENZO          09H00: SENZO                     09H00: SENZO                     09H00: KERRYN                    09H00: SENZO
11H00: SENZO          11H00: NO RECORDING      11H00: NO RECORDING     11H00: NO RECORDING       11H00: NO RECORDING


5 AUGUST                         12 AUGUST                         19 AUGUST                         26 AUGUST
09H00:  Senzo                    09H00: Kerryn Barton           09h00:  George Irvine          09h00:  Nonnie Mdaka
1h00: NO RECORDING   11H00: NO RECORDING    11H00: NO RECORDING    11H00: Women's Service
09H00:  Effah Atuahene
3 JUNE                              10 JUNE                                  17 JUNE                                24 JUNE
09h00: Senzo Ndlovu           09h00: No Recording              09h00: No Recording            09h00: No Recording
11h00: No recording         11h00: No Recording              11h00: No Recording            11h00: No Recording
6 MAY                              13 MAY                                 20 MAY                                27 MAY
09h00: Senzo Ndlovu         09h00: George Irvine               09h00: Chris Harrison            09h00: Kerryn Barton
11h00: Senzo Ndlovu         11h00: NO RECORDING       11h00: NO RECORDING      11h00: NO RECORDING


1 APRIL                                   8 APRIL                             15 APRIL                          22 APRIL                         29 APRIL
08h00: Senzo Ndlovu             09h00: Kerryn Barton        09h00: Senzo Ndlovu     09h00: Senzo Ndlovu     09h00: Effah Atuahene
10h00: Mandisi Ngwabeni     11h00: Lungile Jovuka      11h00: Senzo Ndlovu     11h00: No Recording      11h00: Zolani Maswana
26 MARCH          27 MARCH          28 MARCH          29 MARCH          GOOD FRIDAY
Kerryn Barton     Senzo Ndlovu      Effah Atuahene   George Irvine       Senzo Ndlovu

4 MARCH                      11 MARCH                     18 MARCH                        25 MARCH                                     

09h00:  Senzo Ndlovu    09h00: Senzo Ndlovu     09h00: Lonwabo Manzi    09h00: George Irvine                            
11h00: Senzo Ndlovu     11h00: Senzo Ndlovu     11h00: Lolo Nekene         11h00: Mr Mkhwalo&Mr Ndaba   
4 FEBRUARY                11 FEBRUARY                18 FEBRUARY                  25 FEBRUARY
09h00:  Senzo Ndlovu   09h00: Alan Glover          09h00: George Irvine         09h00: Effah Atuahene
11h00:  No Recording  11h00: Lolo Nekene         11h00:  No Recording      11h00: No Recording      
7 JANUARY                   14 JANUARY                   21 JANUARY               28 JANUARY
9h00:  Senzo Ndlovu   09h00: Kerryn Barton      09h00: Senzo Ndlovu  09h00: Senzo Ndlovu
11h00: Senzo Ndlovu    11h00: Mzwai Makhopa  11h00:  FMC                11h00: No Recording                                                                                 

3 DECEMBER            10 DECEMBER           17 DECEMBER           24 DECEMBER              25 DECEMBER                31 DECEMBER                    
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo         09h00: Cantata                09h00: George Irvine       09h00: Kerryn Barton           09h00: Senzo Ndlovu             09h00: Senzo Ndlovu        
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo         11h00: Siphiwi Gomba

5 NOVEMBER                   12 NOVEMBER                  19 NOVEMBER                       26 NOVEMBER                     
09h00: George Irvine               09h00:Alan Glover                    09h00: George Irvine                   09h00: No Recording          
11h00: Anderson Mndela        11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                   11h00: Vusi Khet
helo                  11h00: No Recording
1 OCTOBER                 8 OCTOBER                 15 OCTOBER                       22 OCTOBER                29 OCTOBER                     
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo      09h00:No Recording    09h00: Luvuyo Sifo               09h00: Effah Atuahene   09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: No Recording  11h00: No Recording   11h00: Luvuyo Sifo             11h00: Langa Mkwhalo  11h00: No Recording


3 SEPTEMBER                        10 SEPTEMBER                       17 SEPTEMBER                         24 SEPTEMBER                       
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                  09h00: Kerryn Barton                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                       NO RECORDING
                                                  11h00: Lolo Nekene                  11h00: MYU


JULY 2017

2 JULY                                    9 JULY                                     16 JULY                                       23 JULY                                30 JULY
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                09h00: Kerryn Barton               09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                     09h00: No Recording          09h00: No Recording
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                11h00:  No Recording             11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                     11h00: No Recording          11h00: Luvuyo Sifo

JUNE 2017

4 JUNE                                    11 JUNE                                    18 JUNE                                             25 JUNE
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                 09h00: Kerryn Barton                 09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                           09h00: Alan Glover                               
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                 11h00:  No Recording               11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                           11h00: Langa Mkhwalo

MAY 2017

7 MAY                                    14 MAY                                    21 MAY                                                28 MAY
09h00: George Irvine             09h00: Kerryn Barton              09h00: George Irvine                          09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                               
11h00: Rev. Nkomonde         11h00:  No Recording            11h00:  No recording                         11h00: Luvuyo Sifo

APRIL 2017

2 APRIL                              9 APRIL                            16 APRIL (EASTER SUNDAY)
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo            09h00: Kerryn Barton        09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                               
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo            11h00: YMG
23 APRIL                            30 APRIL
09h00: Effah Atuahene        09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: No Recording         11h00: Luvuyo Sifo

MARCH 2017

5 MARCH                                 12 MARCH                                   19 MARCH                                  26 MARCH
09h00:  No recording              09h00: Kerryn Barton                   09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                    09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                  11h00: Mr Mahlanza                     11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                    11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


5 FEBRUARY                           12 FEBRUARY                              19 FEBRUARY                            26 FEBRUARY
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                   09h00: Effah Atuahene                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                     09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                   11h00: Unathi Nodada                  11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


1 JANUARY                                       8 JANUARY                           15 JANUARY                           22 JANUARY                           29 JANUARY
09h00: George Irvine                         09h00: No Recording            09h00: George Irvine               09h00: No Recording             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
                                                           11h00: Langa Mkhwalo                                                                                                            (Covenant Sunday)
                                                                                                                                                                                                             11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


4 DECEMBER                                     11 DECEMBER                             18 DECEMBER                          24 DECEMBER                         25 DECEMBER
09h00: No Recording                         09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                       09h00: Effah Atuahene              18h00: Luvuyo Sifo                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo


6 NOVEMBER                                     13 NOVEMBER                             20 NOVEMBER                          27 NOVEMBER
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                              09h00: Effah Atuahene                  09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                    09h00: "Christmas Proclamation" Cantata
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                              11h00: Lolo Nekene                      11h00: No Recording                11h00:  No Recording


2 OCTOBER                                       9 OCTOBER                               16 OCTOBER                             23 OCTOBER                                30 OCTOBER
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                      09h00:  No Recording               09h00: Kerryn Barton                     09h00: Alan Glover
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                11h00: Luvuyo Sifo


4 SEPTEMBER                                   11 SEPTEMBER                         18 SEPTEMBER                          25 SEPTEMBER
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                       09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                      09h00: Kerryn Barton


7 AUGUST                                          21 AUGUST                                        28 AUGUST
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                             09h00: Luvuyo Sifo

JULY 2016                                                                                      

17 JULY                                              24 JULY                                              31 JULY
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                            09h00: Effah Atuahene                       
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
3 JULY                                                10 JULY
09h00: George Irvine                          09h00: Kerryn Barton                                    
11h00: Sydney Qangule                                

JUNE 2016

19 JUNE                                                            26 JUNE
09h00: Kerryn Barton                                        09h00: Dix Sibeko                                     
11h00: No Recording                                       11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
5 JUNE                                                              12 JUNE
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                            09h00: Kerryn Barton
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                            11h00: Langa Mkhwalo

MAY 2016

22 MAY (Trinity Sunday)                                     29 MAY 
09h00: Effah Atuahene                                        09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Mr. Hote                                                 11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
1 MAY (Expect the Holy Spirit)                            8 MAY (Mother's Day)
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                                 09h00: No recording
11h00: No Recording                                            11h00: No Recording

APRIL 2016

17 APRIL (The Shepherd's Voice)                        24 APRIL (The New Commandment)
09h00: No Recording                                          09h00: Kerryn Barton
11h00: No Recording                                          11h00: No Recording

MARCH 2016

20 MARCH (Palm Sunday)                                 27 MARCH (Resurrection Sunday)
09h00: Alan Glover                                              09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                              11h00: No Recording
6 MARCH (Extravagant Love - Salvation)        13 MARCH (Extravagant Love)                   
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                               09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: No Recording                                          11h00:  Luvuyo Sifo


21 FEBRUARY (God's Covenant)                     28 FEBRUARY (Repent or Perish)                   
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                              09h00: George Irvine
11h00: No Recording                                         11h00:  Luvuyo Sifo
7 FEBRUARY (Induction of Rev. Sifo)              14 FEBRUARY (Luke 4 : 1 - 13 - The Temptation of Jesus)             
09h00: Bishop Mbete                                            09h00: Kerryn Barton
                                                                              11h00: Lolo Nekene



31 JANUARY (1 Corinthians 13)
09h00: Effah Atuahene
17 JANUARY (1 Corinthians 12: 1 - 13)              24 JANUARY (Covenant)
09h00: Rev. Michael Higgs 
                                       09h00: Luvuyo Sifo
11h00: Luvuyo Sifo
3 JANUARY (John 1 : 1 - 18)                             10 JANUARY (Luke 3 : 15-17, 21-22)
09h00: Luvuyo Sifo                                              09h00: Kerryn Barton
                                                                            11h00: Mr. Maswana


Theme: Malihambe (“let it spread”) – readings in the book of Acts
16 08 09 – love wants more than comfort (bgm)
acts 18 – barry reflects on what might be the biggest potential obstacle to the sharing of the gospel… comfort.
02 08 09 – blind so that you can see (George Irvine)
teaching from acts 13 – george reflects on what might distract us from really engaging with the gospel so that it transforms us.
19 07 09 – more or less than enough? (bgm)
based on Acts 11, barry looks at the church in Antioch and makes a strong appeal for a hunger for learning and generous hearts.
05 07 09 – faith or superstition? (bgm)
Acts 8, Phillip in Samaria and Simon the Sorcerer encounters the gospel. What is faith and superstition?
05 07 09 (6pm) – God, be good to me! (bgm)
barry invites you to pray a simple prayer: “be good to me.” What does it mean to say “God is good!”?

Post-Pentecost Theme: “Daring & Devotion”
28 06 09 – seven are chosen (bgm)
Acts 6:1-7 – racism, xenophobia and affirmative action in first century jerusalem… sounding familiar?
07 06 09 – Peter’s First Sermon (bgm)
Acts 3 – what should we do?
31 05 09 – Pentecost Sunday 2009 (bgm)
a message reflecting on the miracle of pentecost – Acts 2 – that everyone heard in their own language. God’s Spirit moving against “separate development”.

Theme: Family and Friendship
17 05 09 – relationships: Constancy (faithfulness) (bgm)
Romans 15:1-7
03 05 09 – the Love Languages sermon (bgm)
a message on relationships introducing ideas from Gary Chapman’s book ‘the Five Love Languages”.

Joe Lofafa 13 April 2014.mp3

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